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You can easily create a deposit using our bot, just pick your favourite payment system, plan and investment amount, than you can create a deposit.


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Recent payouts

Date/Time Amount Wallet Batch
21.03.2019, 17:46 0.001600 BTC 33YXQXzuxYAeQWd9TECDCjgnTVF41am** da67d04724a103561a62284a513dc4bfe1efba0236be83c68166ba4a1a0b2fcb
21.03.2019, 17:45 0.000106 BTC 1KG7Y9KFjoNJh9AAiNuejDEJZx3NLQ7** a8aec17b39a86adb26fb09c20c40bcd516ea9d7f94dbd37e01b120840ed20a42
21.03.2019, 17:45 1.70 USD U2007** 252012025
21.03.2019, 17:43 8.50 USD U19960** 252011799
21.03.2019, 17:43 0.60 USD P1009616** 760023194
21.03.2019, 17:42 2.54 USD U7066** 252011638
21.03.2019, 17:39 0.25 USD P1006756** 760020707
21.03.2019, 17:38 0.76 USD U16416** 252011130
21.03.2019, 17:37 3.60 USD P1008449** 760019583
21.03.2019, 17:36 0.008500 BTC 128qZC4scaPvq8Lby84yjwko7YG4Msy** 7a96b9dc185ddd33cd2f3d9689383342cf84a69467156875a4f9c0c11b86a23e


Walker is an investment bot. When investing in a bot, you get accrued profits every hour.
With Walker you can earn 1.5% per hour when investing for 3 days, 1% when investing for 5 days and 0.85% for 7 days. The average net profit per day consists of: 2.66% for Mini plan 4% for Midi Plan And 6% for Walk plan
In order to start working with Walker, you will need an account in the Telegram messenger. If you do not already have it, create an account by clicking on the link. Then add a bot using your Telegram, then the bot will offer you a registration, after which you will find yourself in your account. Then you can start acquaintance with the personal account, where you can create a deposit and start working with Walker.
Profit accruals occur every hour, respectively, you can withdraw your profit every hour, or any period convenient for you. Withdrawal does not require the participation of the administration and occurs in Instant mode. In case of force majeure circumstances, the processing time of the application can be up to 24 hours.
We convert cryptocurrencies only to calculate the minimum amount of the deposit. After payment, the deposit will be created in the cryptocurrency.
The minimum deposit is 10 USD, and the minimum payment is 0.1 USD for each payment system